Main Features

On the Booking Radar, you can create your own booking site with our customization functions

Diverse Pricing Model

.Ticket/Class/Session Models

.Overnight Accommodation Model

.3 Confirmation Styles (Enquiry, Instant Confirmation, Paid and to be Confirmed)

Email and Browser Notification

.Email Template

.Automatic Confirmation Email

.Cancellation Policy Email

.Booking Notification for Admin


.Sleekflow * Coming Soon*






.Promotion Banner and Layout

.Discount Code Function

.Affiliate Marketing

.Email Marketing

.SMS Marketing * coming soon *

.Search Engine Optimization

Booking Site

.Multimedia Service Display Page

.Online Payment Gateways

.Automatic Booking Approval System

.Multiple Layout Options

.Advanced Staff and Venue Arrangement System


.Sales Report

.Analytics Report

.Booking Calendar

.Venue/Staff Calendar

.Service Calendar

. Customer History

.Easy Cancellation & Rescheduling

. Multiple System Users

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